Who Is A Candidate For This Process?

Students:  High school, college, and graduate students experience the Highlands Whole Person Method through school or a private career consultant. The Method empowers you to pursue a field of study and career that aligns with your Natural Abilities rather than a passing interest.

Adults:  Whether you are a young professional or a career transitioner, the HAB is the first step in renewed job satisfaction. Engaging in the Whole Person Method with the aid of a private coach or consultant is an investment in your future and your career.

Leaders:  Your HAB results will show you the makeup of your leadership abilities. How can you capitalize on your strengths? How can you better communicate with staff? Experience the Whole Person Method through a private leadership development consultant or your company’s HR department.

Organizations:  Businesses seeking to enhance employee performance and promote team-building and leadership development choose the Highlands Whole Person Method for their leaders and staff. Debriefs can be done individually or in groups.

What Do The HAB Reports Show?

For career explorers, the HAB reports include a list of potential jobs for which you would be well-suited. For career developers, the assessment reports include information about roles and responsibilities that complement your profile.

But the real magic lies in the talents revealed. Some of your talents could be specialized, like a gift for music, design, or theoretical thought; others will be specific to the environments, communication methods, and roles where you would thrive.

With our ability assessment, you will clearly see how to capitalize on your strengths. That means you can begin to make informed decisions and transform your career.

How Does A Highlands Certified Consultant Help?

When you work with our consultant, he or she will show you how to take the HAB, interpret your reports, and help you understand how to align your natural abilities with other factors—like your life experience, your values, and your interests. These factors and your abilities together create a model of your whole self, which is not an easy thing to assess on your own.

That’s why we don’t administer the HAB to individuals without a Highlands Certified Consultant. You won’t get the full value of the assessment results without that high-touch component.

What is “The Debrief”?

Your consultant will work with you to interpret your HAB results through the filter of the Highlands Whole Person Model. (He or she will also teach you about the many uses of this comprehensive tool.)

More specifically, you can expect the following from your debrief:

  • An explanation of each result and how each ability can be used in your life, education, and work.
  • A look at how your abilities affect the four major areas of your life, something we call the four key dimensions. These are the environment in which you are most satisfied and successful; the way you take in new information best; how you make decisions and solve problems most effectively; and how you communicate ideas to others.
  • Assistance in making sound choices in your education and career, including a deep look at what areas of study or jobs would suit you best. The HAB is a very effective career interest survey. Because, after all, it is all about discovering what you do best.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our services and process, either by telephone or email. Just drop us a note from our Contact page.